Full name: Nurliessa… I am not putting my full name here
What do you call me: Liessa (pronounced as Li-sa)
Birthday: 30th August
Current location: Cardiff, United Kingdom
Nationality: Brunei Darussalam (Half Malaysian though)
Ethnicity: Malay but I have Indian, Thai, Chinese, Malay and Indigenous Tutong Malay ancestors

Why and when did you move to the UK and why?
I moved because I was granted a scholarship which enabled me to pursue my A levels and Insha Allah, my degree in the UK. I have been living here since September 2015.

How did you apply for your scholarship?
A week after I have gotten my O level results, I was called for a meeting and was given a form. I had to complete the form and printed all of my certificates and went through the selection process.

Do you need IELTS to go to the UK?
I did sit for IELTS to make my UK visa, it is a special IELTS where you have to obtain at least 6.5 for each category.

How’s the education system in the UK?
I don’t really think there is much of a difference.

Must visit places in London?
Haven’t been around London THAT much but I must say, Camden town is amazing and Covent Garden!!

Describe living cost in the UK
VERY expensive. However, Cardiff is slightly cheaper than London.

Are you under MOE or MinDef?
The latter

The interviews for scholarships are conducted in English or Malay?
Depends on the scholarship you are talking about. Mindef used English with me, MoE used standard Malay.

Where are you planning to go for your degree and what course?
Insha Allah, I am planning to apply to UK and Australia universities for Law.

What subjects are you taking for A levels?
Government and Politics, History, Global Perspectives, Mathematics and Biology

What are your O level grades?
hahaha straight As and one B3

How to improve my command of English?
Read books, watch movies and I did / do read a lot of books, that helped me a lot and I used English subtitles when watching movies.

How did you study for O levels?
I studied differently for each subject
Biology: Past year papers (PYP) + Mark schemes (MS), Summary of notes
Physics: Compile all of the formula, PYP + MS, summary of notes
Chemistry: PYP + MS, summary of notes
Maths & additional maths: PYP + MS
IRK: Summary of notes
History: PYP + MS from teacher, summary of notes
Bahasa Melayu: PYP + MS, newspapers
English: PYP + MS, newspapers

What do you splurge on?
Stationeries, clothes, shoes & food

Where do you go for shopping?
Various places

Fav stationeries 
↣ Jetstream 0.7 by Uniball
↣ Muji gel pens 0.5
↣ Paperchase notebooks
↣ Staedtler ballpoint pens
↣ Fiber tip pens

School bags & where to get them and price:
↣ Longchamp backpack ( When I bought it at Harrods, it was £62 but here  it is reduced to £56)
↣This black Kipling backpack and apparently I got the last one in the whole Indonesia (Bought it for 7 -9 Juta Rupiah? at Paris Van Java, Bandung)
↣ Ripcurl bag (Bought it for B$20 here)
↣ My first Kipling bag (Kipling Billie backpack which I bought in SG)

Fav makeup brands
↣ Mac
↣ Soap and Glory
↣ Benefits
↣ No7

Have you got a boyfriend?
No, I have to focus on myself and my life now.

How can you be motivated?
I honestly don’t know, I have always been enthusiastic about school. I don’t see school as a burden and thus, the passion and the hunger to learn something just grows.

What are your priorities?
1. God
2. Family
3. Health
4. Studies
5. Best friends

How to get 8’Os?
It is pretty much self-explanatory, you study.

How much is your allowance?
Get the scholarship lol then you’ll know

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