Behind books & social media

05:09 AM, I haven’t had a single minute of sleep!

Anyways, sure, most of the time I am behind a textbook and social media. I am pretty much occupied with studies all the time. My college especially doesn’t give me many holidays but when they do, I had a couple of adventures here and there. Through the bumpy coach journeys, mundane tube rides and tiring footwalks, stories were written and memories were made.

On a side note, I’m just doing this because I can’t post 193 photos on Instagram all at once… So, hm yeah! Make sure you hover around the photos to see the captions.


Cardiff will always be a large part of me. Now that I only have a few months left here, I really feel the emotional attachment that I developed towards this city. I can say that I grew up here. Truly, I changed and I stepped out of my comfort zone. Still, with that being said, I don’t think I will come back after I graduate though. At least not for a couple of years.





Thank you to Ikrami for sacrificing a considerable amount of time entertaining us with your gymnastic moves and whatnot. Safe to say we have conquered Birmingham with his help!



THE BEST TRAVELLING CHOICE I HAVE EVER MADE. I went to Portsmouth twice last year, gosh! When I went there, this place had everything that I love! A cafe with a good view (there is a cafe in the Spinnaker Tower), an aquarium, a funfair, a beautiful beach and shopping outlets. Definitely one of my favourite places in the entire world because I made a lot of memories here.




Okay, I haven’t really finished editing this whole thing but I’m just going to post it for now. I just pulled an all-nighter! I will probably commence with the editing part tomorrow or tonight 💤 I’m drained!

Thank you for your emails from the previous posts! I hope I didn’t miss out on anyone because I did try to reply all 20 emails.

To readers:
Tell me about your adventures! Email me or comment them down below!



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