Pillow talk series; just some thoughts being put together

They say, when you are hurt, it is just your nerves producing a burning sensation…

It has been a long time since I touched my blog and I should say, it is getting dusty over here. I apologise, my other commitments must be prioritised. It consequently led me to abandon my lair of thoughts for about 6 months?? I am only here for a short while to let this steam off though.

Our human nature taught us to pursue happiness.
To seek pleasure.
To indulge in the pool of hope.
Hence, with 1001 wishes, you wish on flying aeroplanes.
And everything that blinks on the dense dark sky of the night.
You wished for so many things but out of 1001,  1 says “please don’t let me get hurt”. 

Dear, you see, pain is inevitable.
It is only the cause and the type of pain that changed.
When you were 6, you fell, scraped your knees.
You wanted your parents to hear you cry as the dark red liquid oozed out of your skin surface.
When you were 15, you had your first heartbreak.
Yes, you cried in the middle of the night but this time you stuffed your mouth with your pillow.
Praying to God, “God please don’t let them know I am actually broken.” 

To elaborate emotional pain is such a hassle, too much effort you know.
Once you talk about being emotionally hurt, people will never understand 100 per cent.
It is so much easier to have a physical representation of being “in pain.”
I mean, if you have a broken hand, show them the cast.
What about a broken heart?
To comprehend what you exactly feel is hard enough…
Let alone trying to form sentences to describe them.
Gee, if you can relate to this paragraph like it is your cousin,

you. are. not. alone.


We all have different coping mechanisms, different pain tolerance et cetera. As you grow up, hopefully, your pain tolerance level will increase because people will tear and break you down. It is all a part of the journey, you break, you make, you become stronger.

So, when some unorthodox realists say; “when you are hurt, it is merely your nerves producing a burning sensation… There is no such thing as being emotionally in pain”

Do you think so?
Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below or email them to me, I’d love to talk to you guys!

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