October ’16 playlist

I am as limp, lachrymose, and lamentable, a young woman as in contrast to those in romantic novels. I thought love was supposed to give you joy.” 

When can you separate me from music? Probably never.
Music. The litmus paper to one’s mood.

Embrace yourselves, ladies, and gents.

A wave of love songs is going to hit you like a bloody tsunami. 

  1. Olivia O’Brien – Find what you’re looking for

    (Pop) The girl who broke through ‘i hate u i love u’ with Gnash came back with amazing hits. This one has released just a little over 19 hours ago. The cover art is so aesthetically pleasing.  I find the song very catchy and the lyrics get to me the most.The lyrics suggest that the singer is weary of loving her partner and feels she is insufficient although her lover still wants her. She also thinks that she is doing better without him. The song to me is so… paradoxical and it reflects the end of a very toxic relationship whereby the guy still wants her but still hurt her and she is tired of him and she left.

  2. Yuna – Mountains

    (Acoustic / indie) She keeps on making me proud of being a half Malaysian. This rendition of Mountains gave a much needed rustic and indie edge to the song. Frankly speaking, it may be better than the studio edition. Personally, this song especially the chorus part is really hard to decipher. However, I interpreted this song as an indirect message to a loved one, saying that she is trying so hard to make you notice her and she is getting tired of waiting. Metaphors game too strong.

    “I come with a head and a heart
    Been using it from the start
    And my brain is starting to suffer in coats from you
    Still I am trying my best just to please you”

  3. DAVICHI – It’s alright, It’s love [괜찮아, 사랑이야]

    (Ballad) I am not a fan of Korean pop songs but their ballad songs are breathtaking. If you have never listened to DAVICHI, please, bless your eardrums with their amazing vocals. I also watched them performing live and they harmonized during the second half of the song. At that moment, my life was completed. The song is about a person falling in love unwittingly and it turned out to be an unrequited one. Give it a listen!

  4. Ailee – Goodbye My Love

    (Ballad) I was in a serious dilemma on whether to put this in the list or not. Another Korean song. The lyrics and the vocal blown me away. It is as what has been stated – about a lover leaving his/her partner.

  5. Raye – Bet U Wish

    (Chill trap) Raye… Ah, one of my fav singers of all time. Her voice gives me a sense of serenity. This one is on a cheating partner.

  6. Kehlani – Tore up

    (R&B) QUEEN KEHLANI. This song is so beautiful. I believe she is trying to get through a breakup. I can tell it took a large toll on her. I can tell the song is illustrating the self-destructive path that she took.

  7. 11:11 – YOU

    (R&B) I found this one by accident. Thanks to youtube recommendations, I discovered 11:11. You see, not all accidents are fatal.  It is about a person who is trying to get his girl back but she’s with someone else. This song gave me chills, his beats are catchy too.

  8. H.E.R – Losing

    (R&B) Another blissful accident. OK excited to talk about this one. People do not actually have a single clue who is H.E.R nor know how she looks like. Speculations about her identity have been spread in the atmosphere but there is no confirmation of these allegations. Sick song, give it a tune in. I would be so happy if she collabs with Tinashe or Blackbear.

  9.  G -Eazy – Tumblr Girls ft. Christoph Andersson

    (HipHop) Young G. His songs are so intoxicating. Discovered him a few years ago and since then, I hit my “music puberty”. Transitioning from T. Swizzle to Young Gerald, I ain’t complaining. This song is on his one night stands and possibly the epitome of 2016 relationships. Two people associated with each other but never lasts. This was the first song I heard from G-Eazy. Henceforth, it will always be my all-time favourite.

  10. G-Eazy – Marilyn ft. Dominique LeJeune

    (HipHop) Another one! A song about cheating but in the context of the cheater’s perspectives. The relationship started out like any others, full of euphoria and soon after, he was saying how it faded out. Basically, the relationship was going downhill and from then on, he cheated. He also talked about closure and acceptance so definitely one of G’s emotional songs.


It is now 00:53 and I posted 2 blog posts in the span of few hours! Ain’t that good? Until then…

Roger and out, L I E S













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