ROOM TOUR 2016 + Update

I used to do a bit of youtube and people used to ask me for a room tour. However, I never really bother to do one until yesterday when someone asked me again on Tumblr. Made a poll on twitter and it is something that many would like to see (according to the poll result lol). Hence, here I am! I wanted to make a youtube video as I understand that these types of posts, they are more practical with the help of AV mechanism but I thought it would be more time and effort consuming so I really apologise.I am taking a very long break from making videos BUT something special is coming up and I will reveal that in the end of the blog post.

I have only started staying here since last August. It is a nicer room compared to the one I was assigned to last year. Although it is further away but it is still in a walking distance to my college. Unlike my previous room which was right in front of the school, this one takes around 5 – 10 minutes of walking from college.



I keep my coats beside the door. There are hooks so I just can grab them before I go.
(L to R: Hollister Winter Coat, H&M blazer coat, Primark baseball cap, Topshop Nude Bomber Jacket)



I only keep my Hijabs, Baju Kurung, school uniforms and camping gears in my closet. I could not fit all of my clothes in this tiny closet. Thus, I chose to keep them elsewhere.



Who doesn’t love good scented candles and plants?


My ukulele, shhhh… I am that girl who always sings at 3 am.



The Nike bag is my gym bag. I tend to go to the gym a lot lately. Hence, I pack up my gym clothes in that bag so I can just grab and go.


Portraits and pictures that I have taken from countries that I have visited.


The room kind of feels nice and cosy with the fairy lights.


My romantic heart endeavours are constantly fulfilled by the existence of these books…



My first flower and my first scrapbook, given by wonderful people.







A box of tissue for crying sessions whenever I give up on Maths


Textbooks for your homegal who is taking A2 History, Politics, Maths and Biology


Law books for university preparation.




I am trying to be healthy so hmmmm… no junk food


Lastly, here’s a picture of my nemo which I got for my birthday.


Thank you so much for reading.

To be honest, I haven’t been doing much lately. I am pretty occupied by school and university entrance process but some upcoming gigs are coming up. Surprise, surprise! Although I am taking a break from making videos, I will possibly have a few youtube collaborations with people in the span of next few months so stay tuned for that. I will also hit London soon, I will a make a blog post on that or maybe live stream?? Not sure yet. Yeap… SO,

What does your dream bedroom look like? 


Roger and out, L I E S










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