Pillow talk series; life advice

As I was busy throughout the summer, the circumstances forced me to abandon my lair of thoughts. No worries, I have been having fun. Not too much but in a nutshell, my summer was lit. There is another time for that story.

A special someone, someone I look up to, gave me a card when I left the UK for Brunei. Her words, they are so meaningful to me. Hence, I figure it would be nice for me to share some of them with you guys. My new motto for my 17th year of living is “to love yourself and work at your own pace”. Full of positivity, isn’t it? Pillow talk will be a series of blog posts of me, talking to you guys about personal experiences. Without further ado, let’s get real.

  1. Heartbreak, isolation, rejection, hurt, acceptance, learning how to self-love and appreciate is a tough, rigorous process of growing up.
    One should know that your worst enemy is your own self. No one will be as mean to you as yourself. As you grow up, you will learn what matters the most. There are flaws that you will acknowledge but please do know that these flaws, they make you, you. Imagine yourself as a white canvas and the flaws as beautiful paint colours. Making one painting distinct from another. Maintain the positive attitude that you have and you will get there soon enough. I promise.
  2. Freedom can break or make you.
    This, I can relate on a spiritual level. If you do have strict parents, freedom can lead you to rush in doing all the ‘fun’ things in life. Maybe sometimes, it will also lead you to neglect your priorities such as your studies. I felt lost in my first year of living abroad. I’ve never felt such thing, it’s like I’m drowning. The ‘fun’ was overwhelming me. Please, learn how to prioritise. Take things slow.
  3. Use your time well.
    As adolescents, being ‘freedom-shocked’ is typical. Keep your schedule full as it will keep you productive. Life is so much easier and enjoyable when you have plans laid out for you. Time is unreusable, you might want to utilise it to the fullest.
  4. Do NOT lose your relationship with God.
    I realised this during my AS. I am not pious and I am not proud of it. I am trying to change my habits. Be more proactive, learn more about my own religion. Great things happened throughout my AS years. I found new friends, straight As and a relatively easy life. But I wasn’t happy.  Religion will be your strongest support system when you hit the rock-bottom.
  5. Everything is temporary.
    Duniya is temporary. Sadness is temporary. Safe to say what we have right now are superficial. They say your worst day is only 24 hours. Life is too short. So, do not stress out too much.Updates will be posted on a weekly basis. Who knows? I might do a video instead of a blog post! I don’t know yet, let’s see how this goes. Have a great day. All love.

    Uno y solo,
    ♡ LIES ♡


p.s Thank you, Kadrina Latif, for the card. Your words, they are my source of strength.


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