Behind books & social media

05:09 AM, I haven’t had a single minute of sleep!

Anyways, sure, most of the time I am behind a textbook and social media. I am pretty much occupied with studies all the time. My college especially doesn’t give me many holidays but when they do, I had a couple of adventures here and there. Through the bumpy coach journeys, mundane tube rides and tiring footwalks, stories were written and memories were made.

On a side note, I’m just doing this because I can’t post 193 photos on Instagram all at once… So, hm yeah! Make sure you hover around the photos to see the captions.

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ROOM TOUR 2016 + Update

I used to do a bit of youtube and people used to ask me for a room tour. However, I never really bother to do one until yesterday when someone asked me again on Tumblr. Made a poll on twitter and it is something that many would like to see (according to the poll result lol). Hence, here I am! I wanted to make a youtube video as I understand that these types of posts, they are more practical with the help of AV mechanism but I thought it would be more time and effort consuming so I really apologise.I am taking a very long break from making videos BUT something special is coming up and I will reveal that in the end of the blog post.

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My story


Something virtual such as the internet plays a big part in determining who we are as a person. What’s funnier is that I tend to play along with people’s assumptions. I dare to say that half of my Instagram followers never talked to me in real life before. Social media, it portrays individuals. How far into themselves? Not sure.

Thus, I am presenting you, the girl behind the layers of social media.

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Pillow talk series; life advice

As I was busy throughout the summer, the circumstances forced me to abandon my lair of thoughts. No worries, I have been having fun. Not too much but in a nutshell, my summer was lit. There is another time for that story.

A special someone, someone I look up to, gave me a card when I left the UK for Brunei. Her words, they are so meaningful to me. Hence, I figure it would be nice for me to share some of them with you guys. My new motto for my 17th year of living is “to love yourself and work at your own pace”. Full of positivity, isn’t it? Pillow talk will be a series of blog posts of me, talking to you guys about personal experiences. Without further ado, let’s get real.

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